Why I spin:

I spin for the physical and emotional benefits it provides. It’s easy on my joints, it builds muscle, and it helps with my balance, especially when timing your pace and resistance to the music. I mean, who doesn’t love bopping around to music?! I feel so good about myself while I spin and after class, and I am always pumped for my next session. The added benefit of it all is having something in which I am able to bond with my mother. She got me started on spin class, and it’s been so fulfilling to spend time with her in this way - getting stronger and healthier together. Erin provides such an energetic, accepting, and easy-going environment. You’re not judged on your ability but rather admired for your drive to try it out and to work at your own pace. What’s not to love about all of that?
— Brittanie Deitchler - client since March 2018
As I walked out of class last night all sweaty, I expressed to my spin buddies (that I have met through spin classes) how awesome spin class makes you feel. The music alone makes you happy. Erin’s studio and her instructors make you look forward to healthy fun, feeling good about yourself and making new friends who feel the same way about spin as you do. I feel so blessed to be a part of the SPIN.ICT family! Thanks Erin.
— Cheryl Clark ~ Client since Feb 2018
Each workout is your own and every workout is ideal for anyone at any stage of cycling. Besides the amazing instructors, state of the art equipment and fun, welcoming atmosphere, the biggest game changer, for me at SpinICT has been the Performance Tracking Software. Prior to joining SpinICT I had been an indoor cyclist for about 2 ½ years. During that time I had developed plenty of strength and endurance, but my only form of measuring my progress was based on how I felt. Tracking goals was difficult to do. Within the first month of riding at SpinICT I noticed a significant difference in my workouts – I was able to ride longer distances, at higher speeds and greater resistance. I began to set small goals for myself, for each workout. In the first 3 months of being a member at SpinICT, I saw greater gains than in the previous 2 ½ years combined – and my performance has continued to improve at a drastic pace. I love getting a workout summary after every class – seeing my performance has been a huge motivator.
— Margie Pruter ~ Client since feb 2018
I’ve never done a group excerise class.. let alone a spin class! But sure enough after my first free spin I was hooked! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and then they turn the lights off and you spin your little heart out! Your bike, your way and with some great direction from the instructor. Drug my husband in there kicking and screaming one weekend and now he pulls me out of bed to do “bike class”! This place is for everyone!
— Ashleigh Eddelbuttel - Client since March 2018
Spin ICT provides a great place to cycle. When you walk In the door you feel welcomed. Not only does it look good but the classes are great. Challenging for any level of cycler. Everyone who is there is there to work which raises the energy level in the room. I said I wouldn’t pay to cycle but there I am 2-3 times a week. Love it!
— Kathy Brisbois - Client Since March 2018
Since the birth of my son 3 years ago, I’ve struggled with extreme anxiety. I tried working out at local gyms to help myself get better but it just wasn’t for me. My sister finally talked me into trying a class and I fell in love! First off, it helps my anxiety daily to have that release. Second.. I’m so proud of myself for pushing myself more and more each class! It’s a great feeling to be a part of Spin ICT!
— Sharaun Hauschild - Client since April 2018
I spin to get my legs changed up from a running motion, cross training, and doing another fun activity with friends! Helps me break up burn out from doing just one activity all the time. I travel from almost Andover to the west side to this class, so that tells you something that I love it!
— Jennifer Woods ~ Client since March 2018
I love spinning as it helps me with my old knees. I am getting stronger and Erin energizses us!
— Carolyn Elmore - Client since March 2018

I love the feeling of strength in my legs while I’m spinning. It makes me feel invincible!
— Emelie Radford - Client Since February 2018