We calculate SPIN·EQUITY points by calculating your watts per your weight. So it factors in how hard you’re working by equalizing the playing field. To get the most accurate stats (not just SPIN·EQUITY points), make sure you update your online profile with accurate information. Wanna earn more SPIN·EQUITY points? Well, ya know, work harder! The faster you pedal at the higher resistance; the more trophy points you will get. Now it's time for you to work, go RIDE to the RHYTHM! To redeem your SPIN·EQUITY points please come into the studio! SPIN·EQUITY points are a great way to earn FREE SPIN·GEAR! Want to know how many SPIN·EQUITY points you have? log into you profile and check out "points earned this month" directly under the trophy icon. This program is IN EFFECT starting April 1st.


The top 3 riders who attend the most classes in a month will earn an extra 500 points!

-Points will be added the first day of the following month! 


12 oz KOMBUCHA - 750 Points

Simple Photo Friend Greeting Card.png

BRING A FRIEND - 1,200 Points


SPORTS BOTTLE - 2,500 Points


SPARKLET - 5,000 Points


50% OFF T-SHIRT or TANK - 10,000 Points








T-SHIRT or TANK (free) - 15,000 Points

private spin site image.jpg

50% off PRIVATE·SPIN Party - 25,000 Points