While spin class can seem intimidating from the outside, once you hop on that bike it all becomes second grade again!  Classes at SPIN·ICT are generally 45 - 60 minutes long and our instructors preach, "this is your ride!" Meaning that the goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable throughout the duration of the class. People of ages 16 and above, fitness levels, and body types are suitable for spin class because it's really all about you! While riding, you can expect to be challenged, have a ton of fun, and get a butt-kicking work out!

Before class:

  • Register onlinepurchase your class, and pick your spot! You may be tempted to take a seat in the back, but staying close to the front will make it easier to see what the instructor is doing!
  • Arrive to class 15 minutes early to get acquainted with the studio and your bike. We offer lockers to keep your belongings in, but are not responsible for any damages or theft. If in doubt, leave it in your locked vehicle or at home!
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and ask for help adjusting your bike! 
  • Hop on and enjoy the ride!

What To Wear:

  • For your first class we recommend wearing compression shorts, leggings, or other close-fitting bottoms, to avoid anything getting tangled in the bike or distracting you from your ride. Moisture-wicking materials are key as riders sweat a lot in class! For longer hair, we recommend tying it back and wearing a headband. The last thing you want to focus on is a stray hair in your face!
  • Riders should wear sport shoes to class.  'Bare foot' shoes, sandals, flipflops, and large boots are discouraged and we may ask you not to ride in these for your safety as they may cause injury or discomfort.
  • While clip shoes are not necessary in the beginning, after a few classes you may want to upgrade as they change the balance of energy and which muscles work the most during a ride. SPIN·ICT instructors are happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding shoes and we plan to carry clip shoes for sale later in 2018.

What to bring:

  • Bring the energy and a large refillable water bottle or lidded cup! We have towels on hand, but if you have a favorite, feel free to bring it as well. 

During Class:

  • Drink plenty of water! Most riders will drink between 1-2 liters of water during a single class, so stay hydrated! Our water fountain is located on the south wall of studio, just outside of the class area. 

  •  Safety and fun are our first priorities so feel free to go at your own pace, but do try to keep up with the instructor! If you experience any issues, let us know, but keep in mind we aren't doctors and only a doctor can advise you on any personal health concerns.
  • Riders may experience ear pressure changes after class. Kind of like when you're in an airplane! This is due to riders holding their breath during the more intense portions of class. Try to be conscious of your breathing and keep from holding your breath while riding to avoid that "popping" feeling!

After Class:

  •  Do some light stretches and if you're feeling hungry, have a small, protein rich snack.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water after class!
  • If you liked the way your bike was adjusted, take a picture of the settings when you wipe it down for the next time you come in!

It is perfectly normal to feel like, totally awesome, man. So go with it and enjoy the rest of your day!



Step by Step:

  • First, register online which gives you access to your personal data portal where you can track your miles, calories, and other fitness metrics. It also gives you the opportunity to challenge a friend and earn points towards sweet rewards like free classes, exclusive swag, and other awesomeness! 
  • Then, purchase classes via your portal or the link at the top of the page! Purchasing online is easy and secure, but we understand if you have concerns. Feel free to ask our front desk associate for help or email us at with any issues you have with purchasing or reserving a class. 
  • Once you've purchased classes, you can reserve them through your personal portal via the 'Book a Class' tab at the top right of the portal,  or the 'schedule' link at the top of the page by hoovering over the class you'd like to join and clicking 'reserve'.
  • After hitting reserve, you'll be taken to the pick-a-bike page where you can see an overview of the class and choose which bike you want. Circles that are grayed out mean that bike has already been reserved. Once you find the bike you'd like to ride, click the circle and then 'reserve'. If you see blue 'loading dots' for a seemingly long time, scroll down! Sometimes that little popup loads at the bottom of the screen!
  • After hitting reserve the class you've chosen will turn blue on the schedule overview and also will be listed in your personal portal. If at anytime you need to cancel, hover over the class and hit 'modify'. You can also cancel via your personal portal by choosing 'cancel'. You won't be charged for classes if you choose to cancel more than two hours before the class starts. Any sooner, and we reserve the right to charge you for that class.

As we continue to make improvements to our client interface issues may arise that we're not aware of! If you have any problem with the site, please reach out to us on Facebook or via email at so that we may address the problem and learn how to better design the site to serve our clients!


Wellness programs are provided to employees as a preventive measure to help avoid illness while improving and maintaining the general health of the employees. This can be accomplished through SPINNING! 

*Be sure to check with your insurance company  or your work to see if they offer a wellness program! 



We LOVE and APPRECIATE those that support our community! Ask our front desk about discounts for military, seniors, fire fighters, teachers, and emergency workers. Also, be sure to ask about student discounts!


Are you apart of a training or triathlon group?  Did you know that SPIN·ICT is available to rent for training?  Call or email for details - 316.776.5081


Come celebrate your birthday, bridal/bachelor party, work event, etc.. with a SPIN·ICT Private Party!  Call or email for details - 316.776.5081